The Pig Game

Version to try now

Windows v0.2. This is how the very first version should have look like version

(I will update this part of the page with new versions to play in the future. It will be rare.)

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As a side project of my everyday life, I create a game about a cube pig. My method of doing it: I work on it every day for half an hour or an hour at max (as I have a job and I travel a lot every day. On my free time I work on it for hours if there is nothing else to do).


I create the game in Unity. I make all the models and animations in Blender. My target with it is to learn Unity and Blender, because I always loved to make small games before (I used Flash… those were darker but fun times). Unity doesn’t let me make small, because it is in itself big. So I decided to make a game from zero, to something. I improvise everything in it. It started out with the Pig model, from the basic cube in Blender. I had to make it move then. I learned how to make character controller. I had a pig, so it needed a farm. So I learned colliders, so pig do not fall through the ground. I had a farm. It needed chickens too. So I learned how to write basic wandering AI for chicken. Game needed an enemy. ALIENS! What else. So I learned how to make them follow and hit the pig. etc. etc.

Malac Erdo

And this is how I learn Unity. This isn’t the best way. But knowing I have no time to do tutorials, it is much better to find my own problems and come up (and search) for solutions for those. One problem at the time. Also I learn a lot of C# this way. And sound design. And lighting. And materials. And so on. So it is a good thing to learn like this. But not the best way, I do not recommend it if you have all the time in the world but for me this is just fine.


While I working on the game, an overall image started to take form. I exactly know what kind of game it will be: one that teaches me a lot about making games. So it will be a mess for sure. If we are lucky: it will be a fun to play oddity mess of a game. I know what the story will be. Nothing big. I know most of the levels to come. I know the ending. But if I do not give up on this (or forget it altogether) we talking about years of work ahead. So I will not talk about these things.

But it will be never beautiful. At this state if I want it to look better I have to change all the stuff I already modeled. That would be a lot of time to remodel. To be honest I love this minimalist look. I like the materials, I like not using textures at most of the time. But I know it isn’t a good way of doing things. But this is what I have time for, and I am doing my best to make it look nice in its own little universe in the time I have for it. The target is not a game that I can sell, not even something as reference to work at some game company. I just want to learn game making. As a hobby. Or stg like that.

Alternative future

On the other hand I have other game ideas, that are not improvised and brewing them in my head for years now. It can happen I pause the pig project for them, when I have enough experience in Unity to make those ideas. So this could happen too. We will see.


I don't speak Hungarian. Google translate it for me!