Turn lights off

My First Post

I writing this blog from a random urge to blog. The problem was I didn't want to pay for server, but use my domain. I tried Jekyll, it is great really, but I found that more bothersome than writing my own HTML files. So this blog born. I write the HTML files (hence handmade) and upload them to github.

This blog is very minimalist. In style. In content. The theme will be random too, whatever comes to mind. Not expecting anyone will read it. I do not SEO this because that would be super boring to do in the good old HTML way. I use minimal JavaScript so you can turn the lights off. Also no cookies saved or anything. I want this as pure as it gets. This also means I do not use any statistics software, so I am blindly writing this.

The language will be English and Hungarian. I am fine writing in English, but sometimes there is simply no point using it, when I write about local stuffs. Also blog posts will differ in length from tweet like random thought, to longer posts. At least that is the plan, it could happen I just forget about it, as so many blogs died like this in Internet History.